A different relationship is possible with mosaics than with more fragile or transient forms of visual art, in that our experience of them is not limited to the visual. Mosaics are of course lovely viewed whole at a distance, with the light playing across their varied surfaces, but their fractured intricacy also invites us to come up close; to touch them, to explore the differences in texture and height of the tesserae (individual components), to experience the harmony of their andamento (flow) with our fingertips as well as with our eyes.

It’s this participatory quality that draws me to mosaics, and inspires me to create architectural installations and fine art panels that will be experienced and interacted with on a daily basis. Their inherent durability and versatility of materials means the beauty of mosaics is equally suited to a shower, a fireplace surround, a wall, or a window. In fact, the possibilities for incorporating the timeless beauty of mosaic art into the surfaces we touch and see every day are only limited by our imaginations.